Why Norrbotten?
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There are six airports in the region, Kiruna, Gällivare, Pajala, Arvidsjaur, Luleå and Skellefteå (in Västerbotten, our neighbor county). The biggest airport is Luleå Airport which is situated a 10-minute drive from Luleå city. The airport offers 16 daily flights to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, along with a number of other Swedish destinations. The flight time to Stockholm is 80 minutes.


European route E4 passes from north to south through Sweden, along the coastline in Northern Sweden. It is commonly considered the highway backbone of Sweden, since it passes most large cities and through the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.


The main freight line through the north of Sweden is connected to hubs with direct lines to Europe. Other than that, the Malmbanan railway transports the iron ore masses across the region. Endpoint of this route is the port of Narvik in Norway.

In 2010, the Bothnia Line opened, which parallels the main line through north of Sweden along the coast from Sundsvall to Umeå. The North Bothnia Line is at a planning stage and will  allow high-speed trains to run all the way along the coast of east Sweden up to Luleå in the future.


Northern Sweden has a number of sizeable freight harbors. For example, the port of Luleå is the largest bulk goods port in Sweden. Since 2011, it has been a European TEN-T CORE harbor, stating it to be strategically important for the European freight system. Also, Piteå Port & Hub is Sweden’s second largest port in terms of handling forestry products such as Kraft liner, pulpwood and saw timber. There are also ports in Haparanda, Kalix and Skellefteå.