Why Norrbotten?
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Centre for the European Space Sector

Esrange in northern Sweden is a significant hub for space and aviation testing. It attracts scientists from all over the world to enhance our understanding of space and the development of new technology to make further exploration possible.

Mainland Europe’s first orbital launch complex for satellites


Key takeaways

· Operational since 1966
· One of the largest civilian satellite ground stations
· Further investment opportunities
· Established research facilities
· Access to impact and recovery areas

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Malin Ekblom
Inward Investment Manager
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Esrange Space Center, Kiruna. Copyright.

Esrange Space Center, Kiruna. Copyright.

Key trends impacting the space sector

Norrbotten’s potential for business opportunities comes largely from the natural conditions that the region develops and utilizes well. The mining industry and steel processing are important pillars supporting the economy, as are the forestry.

  1. Reducing the cost of access to space
    Competition, new manufacturing methods and technological advancements are lowering the cost of accessing space.
  2. Increased demand for small satellites
    A large volume of small satellites (below 500 kg) is projected to be launched by commercial players, driven by the demand for Earth observation and communication.
  3. Space sustainability
    Continuous efforts to ensure a sustainable space sector going forward, even with increased traffic, are needed. This includes monitoring debris, traffic management, situational awareness and end-of-life protocols. To minimise the climate impact of the space sector’s operations, further development of sustainable production methods and fuels is vital.
  4. The need for data and connectivity
    Demand for data is growing exponentially, driven by the growth of new market segments and the growing ambition to provide internet access in underdeveloped or unserved parts of the world.
  5. Space exploration and planetary missions
    Numerous new actors within both the governmental and commercial sectors show interest in crewed missions focusing on Space tourism, Interplanetary transportation, and Space Resource utilisation.