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An Evolving Supercluster

Norrbotten’s abundant natural resources, commitment to renewable energy, and focus on circular material flows are attracting over 120 billion euros in investments.

Sustainable materials

Key Takeaways

· 100 % renewable electricity production in northern Sweden leading to a low CO2 footprint for industrial production.
· Access to raw materials
· Research institutes (Swerim + RISE Sicomp)

“100 % renewable electricity production in northern Sweden leading to a low CO2 footprint for industrial production.”

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Norrbotten is rich in natural resources, including forests, minerals, and abundant water reserves. This has propelled the green industrial transition, boosted the regional economy, and positioned Northern Sweden as a compelling global investment hub. These resources are already being processed, generating substantial export values. With access to renewable energy and years of research, development, and innovation in production systems, export products from Norrbotten have already surpassed other regions in terms of sustainability performance. And this is a continuing process. As material flows become more circular and the industry makes use of more by-products, both new investment opportunities and additional climate benefits are created.

The unique combination of abundant natural resources, fossil-free energy and geographical location are attracting investments of over 120 billion euros in the coming years, most notably in fossil-free steel production, battery technology, and the green industrial transition. These investments not only bolster the regional economy with private equity but also lead to further state, regional, and municipal investments in everything from housing to infrastructure. This positions northern Sweden as one of the most interesting investment hubs globally.

Sustainable mining

The future of mining lies in the fossil-free transformation of all facets of mining, from drilling and blasting to haulage and processing. Swedish mining companies are world leaders in sustainable mining, facilitating widespread global change for the entire industry.

Value Chains & Circular Materials

One of the key aspects of unlocking a sustainable future lies in the functional reuse of materials. Northern Sweden boasts robust value chains, transforming its rich natural resources into sustainable products. From iron ore to green steel, natural graphite to battery anode material, and biomass to sustainable aviation fuel. The region embraces circularity, turning waste into valuable resources for the future.

Battery Material Production

Battery material production in Norrbotten is gaining momentum with the presence of the Northvolt lithium-ion battery plant in the neighbouring region. The graphite anode and advanced materials company Talga is building Europe’s first natural graphite anode plant in the region. Compared to the imported anode materials currently used in Europe, production of Talga’s battery anode material has up to 92% less CO2-eq emissions, thanks to the availability of 100% renewable electricity, high grade natural graphite ore from the region and a uniqe processing technology.

Sustainable carbon fibre production

Sustainable production of carbon fibre in Norrbotten is gaining traction due to the region’s focus on renewable energy. With its abundant sustainable energy resources, circular material flows, and strategic investments, the region boasts the lowest carbon footprint per gramme globally.