Why Norrbotten?
About us

Board of directors

Invest in Norrbotten is owned by Region Norrbotten, Arvidsjaur municipality, Arjeplog municipality, Boden municipality, Kalix municipality, Luleå municipality, Piteå municipality, Jokkmokk municipality, Pajala municipality, Älvsbyn municipality, Övertorneå municipality and Överkalix municipality.

The board consists of:
– Britta Flinkfeldt (Chairman), Arjeplog
– Jonas Söderberg, Luleå
– Mats Brännström, Luleå
– Eva Nordmark, Stockholm
– Raine Vasanoja, Stockholm

It is noteworthy that Invest in Norrbotten is recognized as a regional partner to Business Sweden. This partnership strengthens the region’s ties to international business development and collaboration. If you have any specific questions or require more detailed information, feel free to ask.