Why Norrbotten?
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Sustainable land-based fish farming in Northern Sweden

As we face unprecedented challenges on a global scale, sustainable food production is one of the core issues. Done right, we can produce healthy, resource efficient nutrition that yields less environmental impact at the same time as it generates societal benefits. With the 100 percent renewable energy produced in Northern Sweden, sustainable land-based fish farming powered by emissions free energy can contribute to lower global CO2-emissions.

Innovation is offering solutions to move the food industry towards more sustainable production principles. As oceans are suffering from pollution and depleting stocks, the future of fishery has its home on land. Partnered with new technologies, such as the Recirculating Agriculture Systems (RAS), land-based fish farming is efficient, environmentally sound and increasingly profitable. 

Furthermore, land-based fish farms allow the establishment of circular economy clusters, resulting in blossoming industries and communities with limited environmental impact and streamlined logistics. Breeding, production and slaughter can all be managed within the same facility reducing the need for transportation during the production chain.