Fish Farming on land

The future of fishery has its home on land.

Man has always been drawn to the sea.
Coastal fish have played a vital role in our history and our food culture.
Plentiful. Accessible. Easy to catch.

Unlike the Arctic Char – a mythical fish.
The fish from the mountains.
From the vast distant North. Elusive. Notoriously difficult to catch.

But as the fish stocks deplete, we look to the North.
With renewed demands for sustainability, ethics and taste.
Because the future of fishery has its home on land, not at sea.

Here, climate threats and food shortage can be combated through innovation.
Through tradition, renewable energy and ethical production.
The North will play a key role in our future and our food culture.

Job opportunities, research and new technology – all around a mythical fish.
A fish that, since ancient times, has swum in tight schools, in clear cold waters.
The fish from the mountains.

The EU produced 1.3 million tonnes of aquatic organisms in 2016 worth EUR 4.4 billion. Thousand tonnes live weight catched in Sweden 2017. The total EU catch in 2017 was 5.3 million tonnes live weight