Tests and demonstrations to speed-up innovations

Tests and demonstrations to speed-up innovations


With innovation taking place with an increasing pace in almost every industry, and product life cycles shortening, time-to-market becomes an ever more important competitive factor for companies. As a result, companies must not only focus on innovating new products and technologies, but also figure out a way to take them from the drawing table to the market.

Resent research shows that new technology takes around 20-30 years to reach the markets, much of which is spent transitioning the “Formative phase” . Through engaging in testing- and demonstration activities, companies can reduce the time it takes their new technology to transition this phase.


Testing activities in the region started in the 60s, when car manufacturers came to test their new vehicles in the arctic climate. The car test industry in the region have ever since grown into the largest winter-test region in the world for vehicles. Even though vehicle tests are still the leading industry in the region, the test and demonstration business have grown to cover a variety of industries. Tests and demonstrations are now performed within vehicles, space & aviation, materials, biomass, energy and telecom & IT. This development have attracted some of the leading brands within their respective industries, including Facebook, BMW, NASA, Airbus and Hybrit.Frishammar

Johan Frishammar, professor at Entrepreneurship and Innovation at LTU, are glad to see the increase in efforts aimed towards scaling up innovations across industries.

“Looking at all the activity in the region with e.g. Hybrit, SunPine, Facebook and others it is clear that regional companies have realized the importance of upscaling and shortening the formative phase”
There are many reasons behind the regions impressive achievements within tests and demonstrations, but some of the key drivers include:

1. Test & Demonstration for scale: The region have experience dating back to the 60s in scaling up innovations to industrial scale
2. Width & Depth: The number of industries the region offers services within are globally unmatched
3. Proven track record: Many prominent companies of their respective industries can testify about the regions assets to speed up innovation.

Other environmental factors include access to cheap and renewable energy, arctic climate, vast land areas, our applied sciences university, and our reputation of being solution oriented – prompting one NASA official to name the people of Norrbotten the “No problem people”.

Through locating test and demonstration activities in the region, either by own establishments or purchasing services from established providers, companies from all around the world are welcome to harness the regions powers in speeding up innovations.