SunPine creates the next generation of renewable fuel

By using residue waste from forestry, Piteå based SunPine produces sustainable tall diesel in a world leading bio-refinery. Today, their clean bio-diesel accounts for 2 percent of all diesel consumed in Sweden.

Since beginning in 2006, SunPine’s production rate of tall diesel has steadily increased, and by the spring of this year, their new industrial plant will further increase production by 50 percent.

– With the new factory, we will become more energy efficient per tonne of tall diesel produced, says Jonas Vinblad von Walter, Production Manager.

The benefits of SunPine operating in northern Sweden are many. One of them is that the entire coastline is characterized by a strong pulp industry that produces crude tall oil (CTO), SunPine’s raw material.

– Our location gives us great opportunities to optimize transportation from Sundsvall by truck and from the south of Sweden by boat. In addition, northern Sweden has a strong development climate, says Jonas.

SunPine is equally owned by Södra, Sveaskog, Preem and Lawter, an ownership structure that uniquely combines both suppliers and customers.

– Sveaskog refines the forest, Preem helps us understand the fuel market, Södra gathers over 50 000 of Sweden’s forest owners and Lawter manufactures pine chemicals. Every one of them has equal interests which is an important success factor.

Today, Sunpine accounts for about 2 percent of all diesel consumed in Sweden. For the industry to be able to scale up sustainable solutions, a mix of local and global perspectives is required.

– SunPine is not a total solution to the challenges of climate change, but our role is to show what can be done and what possibilities our product has. We need to talk about climate change from different perspectives and share experiences with other actors. This is why we think Demo North is so important, says Jonas Vinblad von Walter.

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