Seminar February 24, 2015 in Arvidsjaur

“How to take the business area Testing to the next level”

What started on a small scale in the 1970s, with winter testing for the automotive industry, has today evolved into a billion dollar industry in the region. Invest in Norrbotten, together with Business Sweden and the municipalities of Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur and Älvsbyn, invited to a full day to sharpen business area Testing, thereby generating even more international business.

How can we nurture and develop the unique expertise and infrastructure built up in the county surrounding business area Testing? What economic effects have test operations in Norrbotten? How can test activities developed in various industries, skills, infrastructure, coordination? What are the challenges? And perhaps most interesting: what investment opportunities can Norrbotten offer in the business area Testing?

Jörgen Eriksson, Invest in Norrbotten, described the purpose of the day: to demonstrate the wide excellence that already exist in the region with a number of different business areas in Testing – automotive and components, train, metallurgy, wind, air, IT etc, which individually, and collectively, can provide great opportunities for more international business in the region.

The aim has been and is:

- That the day can become a breeding ground for creating a ”testing strategy”

- To find the appropriate principal who can collect the ”test region”

- To launch an operational organization

- To create a brand for the region as a “The big test site”


Here are the different speakers’ presentations.