SSAB’s high strength steels are Norrbotten’s strength

SSAB is a leading global supplier of high strength steel. The group has 17 000 employees in over 50 countries, of whom 1,200 are in Luleå. The company’s annual turnover is EUR 57 million.


The steel slabs that SSAB produces in Luleå are used mainly within the engineering, construction and automotive industries. After transportation by rail to the rolling mill in Borlänge, the steel slabs are further processed into hot-rolled or cold-rolled advanced high-strength thin sheet. Hot-rolled thin sheet is used for trucks, cranes and containers. Cold-rolled thin sheet is used above all for safety components in the automotive industry.
Advanced high strength thin sheet reduces product weight, and increases strength and service life.

“The vision of SSAB is a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. This refers to the customer’s application of our products, but also the way we operate in our production areas and run our business as a whole,” says Jonna Barsk, strategist at SSAB Luleå.

Steel purchasers place continuously higher demands on cost effectiveness, and energy and resource economy. SSAB has developed specialist expertise with high strength steels that provide the end customer with productivity and environmental benefits.

“We always strive to have long term and reliable relations and offer more than just steel; technical support in finding applications and solutions for our customers is our key to success,” says Jonna Barsk.