Packaging of business opportunities for international investors

It is easy to present the unique advantages of the county Norrbotten in terms of business opportunities in general terms, to attracting the interest of international investors / establishers. The difficulty arises when it comes to concretely present the specifically selected business opportunity / company enough to attract the international investor / establisher.

An investor / establishers get many other international deals and therefore need to know why this very specifically selected business opportunity / company is attractive, niche and with special advantages and specifications that make it unique even in an international competition. That ”our” business opportunity / business meet the needs of  the international investor / establisher. To think outside-in, the think of needs-driven. To be aware that it is the investor / establisher who decides what is unique and demanded. That is the challenge.
It´s also required to describe why exactly the place where the business opportunity / company now is situated is the right place to make an investment / establishment on. This is also a challenge.

All this was presented and discussed the 6th of May in a day filled with learning about doing international businesses.

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