Data center

The Node Pole region in northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle, holds a combination of ideal inherent qualities for major data centers and high-tech industry. Doing business here is unusually simple. We have a natural integrity, we know each other and building fruitful networks is facilitated by short distances between people.

Regional Qualities


Power & Infrastructure

In northern Sweden, the electricity grid has an extremely high redundancy and capacity, which is vital for powering for instance data centers. Among the lowest electricity prices in Europe, 100% renewable hydropower and a highly developed infrastructure are three other aspects that make The Node Pole unique. Read more about the region’s exceptional electricity conditions and infrastructure.

Safety & Stability

The Node Pole is one of the most secure and stable places in the world – geologically, politically, socially and digitally. Sweden has not been to war since 1814, the seismic activity is extraordinarily low, and the country is ranked as number one in Europe regarding technology readiness, ICT use and broadband quality. Read more about the stable conditions in The Node Pole.


Community & Competence

The region is well known for its higher education. Luleå University of Technology conducts research and innovation within diverse fields such as distance-spanning technology, long-term digital preservation and lower energy consumption of web technologies. In addition, Luleå Science Park, the University’s next-door neighbor, is one of Sweden’s fastest growing science parks. The region is already one of Scandinavia´s leading skill centers in ICT – Information and Communications Technology. Read more about how the local community creates a hub for technology knowledge.


Climate & Cooling

The Node Pole is at the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, and is the coldest region in Sweden. The climate enables fresh air cooling all year round. Read more about how nature’s combined forces can enable cost savings and more efficient cooling operations.


Datacenter research success

Datacenter research success

“From zero to leading research institute in the Nordics in less than two years” – Tor Björn Minde, CEO at RICE SICS North. From zero to leading research institute in the Nordics in less than two years. That is reality for RISE SICS North a research instit...

Hydro66 is building the greenest data centre in the world

Hydro66 is building the greenest data centre in the world

When Facebook chose Luleå for establishing its first data centre outside the United States, it paved the way for a whole new industry in Norrbotten – or The Node Pole, as the region is known by the data centre industry. We met Andy Long and Paul Morrison of...

Why Facebook chose norrbotten

Why Facebook chose norrbotten

Facebook chose Luleå for their first European data centre - After a rigorous review process of sites across Europe, we concluded that Luleå offered the best package of resources – including a suitable climate for environmental cooling, clean pow...

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